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The star of Toylette’s Toy Reviews on YouTube, Toylette will occasionally pull down her shirt, push up her sleeves, and write up a toy collecting blog post for the love of the community. She’s a hardcore nerd and thinks that it’s unfair that girls aren’t taken seriously in toy collecting. But she’s a happy person (when people are looking), begrudgingly enjoys learning new things about the fandoms she pretends to be a part of, and just loooooooooooooooooooooves getting attention… er… making new friends!

The Duke of Toys

A self proclaimed gentleman, scoundrel, rogue, and warrior, The Duke of Toys takes a gentleman’s approach to toy collecting and writing about toys. Sure, his reviews might be a bit wordy, and yes, he argues with his editor all the time, but that’s just all a sign of his seriousness and passion about toys.

Toy Shitter

We all shit– that is fact. A gender neutral faceless reporter, you will only get the hot, hard, steaming truth from Toy Shitter. If it’s too real for you, call the wahhhhhhmbulence.

Toy Deuce

Author update coming soon!