Sub-Zero wouldn’t be a Street Fighter because no one that sexy would fight

Hey Magical People! My name is Toylette and you’re reading my very first blog post here on ToyLurker!

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I’m so excited to finally start writing blog posts. my brother Jeff (aka The Duke of Toys) thought he was going to be the first one to start writing toy reviews and blog posts, but the joke’s on him! Toylette always finishes first!

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But there’s something going on right now that I really think we need to call out. And it’s in regardless to Storm Collectibles’s newly announced Mortal Kombat Unmasked Sub-Zero 1/12 scale (that’s what, a couple of inches I think?) action figure.

Now, Storm Collectibles is a brand that I only heard of because someone in a Facebook group got excited about it. If it isn’t on Walmart or Walgreen shelves, it isn’t usually worth my time.

Unless it’s an old toy that all of my collector friends get excited about. When that happens, I’ll watch three episodes of the show it came from and I’m suddenly an expect and decades long fan!

But here– take a look at this Storm Collectibles Unmasked Sub-Zero figure.

Do you see what I’m seeing here? There’s no way this guy would be a Street Fighter! Do you believe how incredibly sexy he is? Why would a man who looks like a model be throwing Elsa style ice blasts at everyone and trying to punch guys and murder monsters? That doesn’t even make any sense. Anyone this hunky would be a model. I mean, this guy could have his own Patreon and girls would be lining up to lick his pecks. Does no one else see the hypocrisy over here?

Because I’m so young, I can’t afford expensive premium toys like Storm Collectibles. But if you want to be my very special and favorite Magical Person, send it to me and I’ll give you a shout out in my next video! I don’t edit perfection, so your name will definitely be in there.


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